How to install IBOPLAYER

Here are the steps to follow to integrate your playlist or IPTV subscription on IBO PLAYER:

1 – Once the application is installed, launch it to get its mac address and Key.
2 – Click on this link to go to the application website:
3 – Enter the information displayed on your TV in the appropriate fields (mac and Key) to connect to your application.

4 – Once connected, you have two methods of setup, either with m3u link (+Add Playlist) or with Xtream codes details (+Add XC Playlist).

5 – Here is how to integrate your m3u link if you click on +Add Playlist

And here’s how to use Xtream codes details:

6 – As a last step, it only remains to return to your TV and restart the app so that it loads and displays the list with the name given on its website.

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